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Korean drama or KShow refers to Korean-language television drama, made in South Korea, mostly in the form of miniseries, distinguishing it from the typical Western television series or soap operas with distinctive features.

Korean dramas known for catchy stories and extreme story twists, and are common all over the world.

The popularity of Korean drama was partially limited by Korean drama in the early 1990s, a trend that saw the popularity of South Korean culture around the world.

Korean films together with Korean dramas and Korean songs are creating a new movement in Asian nations, too as the rest of the world today. There are three significant dates of recent Korean-wave films: 1992, “ Marriage Story ” was financed by Samsung, marking the initial non-government-funded movie. 1999, “Shiri” was released and headed to Korean movies getting over 50 percent of the local industry. Finally, “ My Sassy Girl ” turned into the most popular and exportable Korean movie in history.

There are indeed many genres – action, science fiction, adventure, drama, crime, epic/myth, fiction, horror, love/romantic ), thriller, and so forth. The movie is not only a simple entertainment but a part of our lives. We have infinite creativity and access to superior technology. Films don’t get to walls anymore. It walks at and out of our brain. They turn into a portion of our experiences we may never be capable to find from abroad.

Are you addicted to Korean drama? In today’s post, we’ll look at some of the new Korean shows and some best platforms where you can watch your favorite shows without any hassle.

Best K-dramas


Crash Landing on You


South Korean successor Yun Se-ri was caught in a storm while paragliding and blew herself up in North Korea. Se-Ri then goes into Ri Jeong-hyeok, the captain of North Korea’s special forces and a member of the North Korean aristocratic family. Captain Ri eventually prepares to bring Se-Ri back to South Korea with the help of his team, but before they all face the obstacles in their way – and then some.

The show mixes romance with comedy and finally tells the story of two star crossed lovers. It is currently the second-highest-grossing TV drama in TVN drama and cable television history.

When My Love Blooms



Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun fall in love with each other in college. Twenty years later, the couple is fortunate enough to move forward with each other and living very different lives than before. Ji Soo’s divorced mother, Je Hyun, is a successful businessman, in love-less relationship with his wife. When he saw Jae Hyun Ji Soo, he realized that he could not stay away and that the two could not stop loving each other.

A lot of time has passed and they are both living very different lives, however, can they both makeup for the lost time?


Sky Castle



The series follows the journey of four women and their families as they try to maintain the status quo at the top of South Korean society. The play revolves around a mother who is somehow obsessed with bringing her daughter to a higher university … well known? It’s a good mix of romance, soap drama, and comedy, so if you enjoy human-interest stories, Sky Castle is definitely the K-Drama for you.


Stranger From Hell




If you are looking for creepy, pull-blanket-up-to-your-eyes type drama, check out this show. It follows his 20-year-old Yong Jong-Woo, who moves to the Seoul countryside after being given a job by his friend. He needs a place to live and ends up finding Eden Gosivan, a great but inexpensive apartment with a theological kitchen and bathroom.

He decides to stay for six months until he has enough money to go out, but strange behavior and strange events start to happen in the apartment building. His neighbor, played by Lee Dong-Wook of Goblins, is a dentist by day and a serial killer by night. We will stop here and allow other suspicious events to reach your center.


A Piece of Your Mind



The series is a romantic comedy about a love story between an artificial intelligence programmer and a classical recording engineer.

We have listed some websites where you can watch and download Korean Dramas

  1. Viki

    First on the list is This is a very popular website that plays Korean dramas in every other country in the world.

    Pros: The website offers subtitles that allow you to enjoy Korean drama in multiple languages.
    Cons: We found that the website offers a lot of advertising, which in some way annoys the user and destroys the user experience.


    Next on the list is “”, a favorite of Korean anime lovers. This website is viewed by millions of people and from all over the world.

    Pros: Speaking of the highlighting feature, the website allows the user to play the Korean anime series even at slow internet speeds. Some unique browsing options make it easy for users to gain lifetime access to various Korean plays.

    Although the website is similar to our previous choice, it is also considered the largest hub for Korean dramas.

  3. KissAsian

    Kiss Asian is another very popular yet classic website that offers tons of Korean drama series based on their category. By this, we refer to categories related to action, emotions, and love.

    Pros: The best thing about this website is that it is very easy and clear. The layout is perfect. It allows users to download dramatically without hesitation.

  4.  Dramafire

    Next on the list is Dramafire, a very well reputed and highly acceptable website to download Korean dramas for free.

    Pros: Talking about the best part the website is very competitive and provides free access to a wide variety of Korean dramas.

  5. Thedramacool
    Last on the list is “”. At first glance, it may seem like a blog but this website offers a large collection of online Korean drama serials.

    Pros: Speaking of the best part, the website allows you to broadcast high-quality Korean plays for free. The website’s administrators are working hard to keep their visitors up to date by updating the website with the latest Korean drama content.


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