Jung Joon-Young K-Pop Singer

Jung Joon-Young is a former South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, RJ, host, and television personality. He started making headlines in 2012 as one of the finalists for the reality show ‘Superstar K4’. Following the overwhelming response to his musical performance on the reality show, he released his debut album titled “1st Mini”. Album, and won his first ‘Best Male Solo Artist’ award.

His favorite musical styles are rock, soft rock, punk, garage rock, hard rock, etc. He has also appeared on other reality shows such as ‘2 Days and 1 Night’, ‘We Got Married’ and ‘Radio Star’.

He made his film debut in 2015 with ‘Love Forecast’. He later became the lead singer of a rock band called ‘Drug Restaurant’. In 2015 the band released its debut album ‘Escape to Hangover’. He hosted a radio show in 2014 called ‘Jung Joon-young’s Simsimtapa’ and received a good response from the audience.

He once said that Kurt Cobain’s performance in ‘MTV Unplugged’ inspired him to become a rock star. He was involved in a sex scandal and retired from the entertainment industry in 2019.


 K-Pop Singer


Early Life of Jung Joon-Young

Jung was born on February 21, 1989, in South Korea.  His English name is Andrew, which is also the English name of his older brother Joon Ha. He is called ‘Little Andrew’ to avoid confusion. His nickname is ‘Raccoon’.

His father was an international businessman. Therefore, when he was a child, his family had to travel a lot. They grew up in places like the Philippines, China, France, Indonesia, and Japan. As a result, he can celebrate in five different languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and Tagalog.

Due to constant change, he was unable to attend regular school and this made his childhood very lonely. He took private lessons at home, including lessons on piano and violin.

He is a fourth class black belt holder in taekwondo. At the age of 17, he went to the Philippines to work as a missionary. He started teaching taekwondo and music to local children there. At the age of 19, he traveled to South Korea to pursue his dream of becoming a musician without telling his family.


Jung K-Pop Singer


Jung Joon-Young’s Career

His musical journey began in 2008 when he was signed as a lead singer by ‘Led Apple’. He was trained by the company ready to release his debut album. Unfortunately, the idea was abandoned due to some unresolved issues with his previous company.

In 2010, he started his own band,  ‘Flower Mist’. He began working as a model for advertising agencies and playing music in clubs. Their first major TV show was ‘Ulzzang Generation Season 5, ‘ which they said was a good opportunity to make money.

Jung’s Entertainment Profession

Jung Joon-Young auditioned as a soloist for Menet’s reality TV show ‘Superstar K4’. His voice and character impressed the judges and the audience. Therefore, he was selected to showcase his skills in the show. His musical collaboration with Roy Kim is the best duet audition song. The song dominated all music charts and won ‘Mnet 20’s Choice Hot Cover’. At the 3rd ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’, it won the ‘Most Popular Karaoke Song of the Year’.

He became one of the first three finalists but finished in the sixth round. He said the show was a turning point in his music career. He went back to making money through modeling and singing. He has worked as a DJ and has appeared on shows like ‘Radio Star’, ‘Happy Together’, ‘We Got Married: Season 4’, ‘2 Days and 1 Night. He signed a music deal with ‘CJ E&M’, and released his first single ‘Spotless Mind’.

On October 10, 2013, he released his debut music album ‘1st Mini Album’, which included six tracks. On January 2, 2014, he released an OST for ‘Pretty Man’ entitled ‘I’m Nobody’. On March 12, 2014, he released the song ‘Always Reds’ after working with a hip hop group called ‘Soul Dive’. On May 29, 2014, he released an inspirational song titled ‘Just the way you are’. On June 26, 2014, he released his second album, ‘Teenager’, which was about encouraging adults to dream again.


Jung Joon-Young K-Pop Singer


In 2015, he joined the rock band ‘Jung Joon Young Band (JJYB)’ as lead singer, including three other musicians. He released his debut album ‘Escape to Hangover’, which received good reviews. He made his cinematic debut in the romantic comedy film ‘Love Forecast ‘. He then starred in the drama series ‘The Lover’.

After collaborating with ‘C9 Entertainment, he released his solo album ‘Sympathy’ in 2016. The album was released under his music label ‘Realive’. “JJYB” is now known as ‘Drug Restaurant’. He announced his debut album, ‘The First Person’ in 2017. The album was released digitally on February 7, 2017.

On July 22, His comeback album with his band was officially announced. The album was called ‘Pomade’.
‘Pomade’ was released digitally on August 4, 2017. The first track on the album was called ‘Drink O2 in The Water’, The band embarked on their first European tour in September.

He did various variety shows, which are listed below:

  1. Tent in the City (2010)
  2. M! Countdown (2014)
  3. Fashion King Korea 2 (2014)
  4. Two Young (2015)
  5. Laws of the Jungle  (2015)
  6. Old House New House  (2015)
  7. Mr. Baek The Homemade Food Master 2  (2015)
  8. Celebrity Bromance (2016)
  9. Male Friend X Female Friend (2017)
  10. Trip of the Beer Lovers  (2017)
  11. My Sweet Town (2017)

In January 2018, the band released their new digital single ‘Her’ inspired by their tour of Europe. On March 29, Jung released his single ‘Fiancée’. In May, he performed solo at ‘Shinhwa Cardan Square Live Hall’ in Seoul. On 31st August 2018, Drug Restaurant released their new single ‘403’. The band then embarked on a tour called ‘YJJY X Drug Restaurant Europe Concert Tour 2018’.

In 2018, Jung joined ‘eSports’ as a professional gamer and became part of ‘Team Kongdoo’, which specializes in PUBG. He held his first fan meeting in September 2018 under the name ‘Fiancée’. He retired from the Entertainment industry in March 2019.

Awards and achievements

  1. He won the ‘Best New Male Solo Artist’ award in 2013
  2. His song ‘Becoming Dust’ won the ‘Popular Karaoke Song of the Year’ at 3rd  ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’
  3. Along with Roy Kim, he also won the ‘Hot Cover Music Award’ at ‘Mnet’s 20 Choice’
  4. In 2013, he won the ‘Star of the Year Award’ at ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’
  5. He won the ‘Best Entertainer Award’ at ‘KBS Entertainment Awards’
  6. He won the ‘Style in Music Award’ at the 16th ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’

Personal Life of Jung Joon-Young

We got a rumor that Jung Joon-Young was dating his ‘We Got Married’ partner Jeong Yu-mi. However, he admits that he is not good at relationships and prefers to be alone. On March 11, 2019, Jung Joon recorded his sexual encounters with at least 10 women and shared videos with friends in the chat room. He pleaded guilty on March 12 to his crime. This is one of the biggest entertainment scams, now known as the ‘Burning Sun Scandal’.

Other K-pop celebrities such as Seungri, Yang Hyun-Suk, Roy Kim, Yong Joon-Hyun, and  Choi Jong-hoon were also involved in the scandal. In April, a woman accused Jung of raping her with four other men. She said the incident happened in 2016. On March 12, 2019, Jung retired from the entertainment industry.


Jung Joon-Young K-Pop Singer

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